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Innovation Makers

Altran's employees the world over are known as Innovation Makers.

Innovation is not just about having a great idea. An idea, no matter how great, is merely the starting point of a journey towards innovation. At Altran, innovation is our “raison d’être” but more importantly, it is how we bring excellence to life. It is the reason why we are Innovation Makers.

Our 21,000 Innovation Makers world-wide are part of a unique human and technological adventure, helping our clients and partners to redefine excellence and meet their engineering challenges on a daily basis.

Meeting and exceeding our clients' expectations is our number one priority. That is why everything we do at Altran is informed by our core values of Innovation, Excellence, Dynamism, Care and Responsibility.


Join the Innovation Makers

By joining Altran and becoming an Innovation Maker you will benefit from a strong career path, outstanding professional development support, and the opportunity to work on a range of exceptional projects with major clients across sectors.

Take the first step on this journey by visiting our Jobs page, where you can register your details, set up job alerts and search for current vacancies with Altran.