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18 November 2014

View highlights from High Integrity Software 2014

The inaugural edition of a major new annual conference, High Integrity Software, took place in Bristol on 23rd October, attracting over 140 delegates, including senior software engineers and academics. The conference, sponsored by Altran, provided a forum for sharing information about key challenges and recent developments in high integrity software engineering, and explored the profound consequences that the failure of software-based systems can have for both individuals and companies. It also provided insights into safe and secure programming standards, techniques and processes.


Martyn Thomas, Vice-President at the Royal Academy of Engineering and Harold Thimbleby, Professor of Computer Science at Swansea University, gave keynote presentations to lead the discussions on the day. High Integrity Software 2014 also featured speeches from leading international software experts as well as presentations on current industrial experience. The comprehensive conference programme included perspectives from the space, automotive, security, medical and avionics industries, with talks based around four main themes – Languages and Technologies, Software Security, Software Safety and Applications.

As well as a high-quality programme of speakers, the conference featured an exhibition that attracted a range of leading names from the high integrity software engineering arena: Abstract Solutions, AdaCore, Altran, Escher, Esterel, LDRA, Phaedrus Systems, Resource Group, SafeTTy Systems, Vector Software, Verocel, Wind River and Wittenstein.

The formal proceedings concluded with a panel session featuring leading industry experts who discussed the issue “What single change would be most significant in improving the general quality of commercial software?” Answers to this issue were joined by suggestions from the floor and included technical solutions such as the application of formal methods, improved regulation and improved education in computer science and the practice of software engineering.

Stuart Matthews, SPARK Product Manager at Altran UK, said, “It was very exciting for Altran UK to be closely involved with the inception of this important new conference, which provides a great forum for engineers to share best practice in dependable software development across industrial sectors and address the key challenges facing our industry. We are already planning next year’s conference, and further announcements will follow about the date and location soon. Like the 2014 conference, it will be an event that anyone who takes software seriously will not want to miss.”

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