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09 April 2014

Master your reputation through Altran's new offbeat campaign

Who controls your e-reputation?

To address what has now become a critical issue, the Altran Group has launched “Master Your Reputation”, a major campaign designed to raise awareness among its ‘Innovation Makers’ around the world, as well as young graduates, about the importance of managing their image on the internet and in particular on the social networks.

The aim of this offbeat campaign is to promote a good code of conduct and to draw attention to the risks attached to mismanaged internet exposure.

By way of an amusing test, internet users can check their level of knowledge and vigilance in terms of e-reputation. The campaign also presents the five rules shared by Altran that internet users should know and respect in order to master their image, and, as such, their reputation. “The best solution to protect one's internet image from being tainted is to control it!” commented Frederic Fougerat, Altran Group Vice-President Communications and Master Cat.

About Altran

Altran is a leading global provider of high-tech engineering services. For over 30 years, we have been defined by our passion for innovation.

As a trusted partner of organisations throughout the rail, automotive, aerospace, defence, energy and telecoms sectors, we enable our clients to work smarter in developing, deploying and maintaining leading-edge systems and products.

Altran is an Official Engineering Partner of the ground-breaking Solar Impulse project and a Technical Partner of Lotus F1 Team.

In the UK, we have offices in Bath, Bristol, Derby, London, Slough and Warwick. Additionally, a significant number of our engineering consultants and project teams are located at our clients' sites. Globally, Altran has more than 24,000 'Innovation Makers' in more than 20 countries, and 500 major clients.

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