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31 January 2014

SPARK plays a key role in development of Muen Separation Kernel

SPARK technology is playing a pivotal role in the development of the ground-breaking Muen Separation Kernel, the world’s first Open Source microkernel that has been formally proven to contain no runtime errors at the source code level.

The Muen project, whose goal is to produce a trustworthy Open Source foundation for component-based high-assurance systems, is being run by the Institute for Internet Technologies and Applications at the University of Applied Science in Rapperswil (Switzerland).

The Muen Separation Kernel enforces a strict and robust isolation of components to shield security-critical functions from vulnerable software running on the same physical system. (The name “Muen” is a Japanese term that means “unrelated” or “without relation”.) It has been developed using the SPARK technology, which comprises the foremost language, toolset and design discipline for the engineering of high-assurance software. It combines Altran's SPARK language and verification tools with AdaCore’s GNAT Programming Studio development environment. SPARK has an enviable track-record in many industry sectors, such as aerospace, rail, nuclear and security, and has been used to meet or exceed all known industry guidance and standards at the highest assurance levels.

Stuart Matthews, SPARK Product Manager at Altran, said: “We are very excited that SPARK is being used to underpin this important Open Source community project. Guaranteeing the separation of applications on a single physical platform is one of today’s key challenges in secure software development. The Muen project is another demonstration that SPARK is ideally suited to the development of such high-assurance secure systems.”

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