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07 September 2015

Building High Integrity Applications with SPARK

Last week saw the publication of a brand new book about Altran’s SPARK software technology. The new book, Building High Integrity Applications with SPARK, covers the latest version of the programming language, SPARK 2014, which was jointly developed by a team of engineers at Altran UK and AdaCore.

The authors of the new book are John McCormick and Peter Chapin. John McCormick is a professor of Computer Science at the University of Northern Iowa. John has been teaching SPARK and Ada for many years as part of a course in real-time and embedded systems. Peter Chapin is a professor of computer information systems at Vermont Technical College (VTC). Peter has extensive experience of using SPARK in his role as Software Director of VTC’s CubeSat Laboratory.

The SPARK team at Altran UK, who helped with reviewing earlier drafts of the text, are delighted to see the publication of such a valuable textbook for people wishing to learn SPARK and are pleased that the book will be bringing the benefits of using SPARK to an ever wider audience.

The book is available now from Cambridge University Press in both hardback and paperback formats.

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