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15 March 2016

Altran selected to take part in the latest phase of the COMPASS project

Altran is pleased to announce its selection for the next phase of Network Rail and Future Railway’s COMPASS project. COMPASS (COMbined Position Alternative Signalling System) has the potential to revolutionise the customer experience on Britain's railways, by making signalling-related delays a thing of the past. As a true 'hot standby' that is physically and technologically separate from existing signalling systems, COMPASS will dramatically improve efficiency during a signalling failure by enabling continuity of service without time consuming manual intervention.

Based around its ground breaking VueForge® platform, Altran’s COMPASS project will use a combination of satellite positioning and wireless communications to ensure resilience and operational flexibility, while providing signallers with greatly improved visibility of any network problems or traffic disruptions. Advanced and innovative data analytics will gather information from a range of sources to allow safe and efficient passage of multiple vehicles through a temporary block working area. A flexible and simple user interface, both for the driver and the signaller, will dramatically simplify installation and training costs.

Having successfully completed the feasibility phase of the project, Altran has now commenced work on the next phase to develop a demonstration of the solution by the end of 2016.

Mike Simms, Chief Executive Officer of Altran UK, said: “Altran has long been recognised for the development of high-integrity software and systems – it is great to see this being applied to such an important rail project. The Altran UK team is delighted to have been selected for this exciting development.”

John Collins, Programme Manager, Network Rail (NR) said: “Both Network Rail and RSSB are looking forward to working with Altran to progress the COMPASS project throughout the remainder of 2016.”